Eyelash Extension Services Rituals Lash Sanctuary in Albuquerque


Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual laser mink eyelash extensions are applied in a 1/1 ratio per natural lash. Our most natural set, the eyelash extensions create a look like you are wearing mascara and have a lasting permanent curl. Classic Individual eyelash extensions by Rituals Lash Sanctuary in Albuquerque are customized based on your unique eye shape or can be applied to create an Open Eye, Dolleye, or Cat Eye shape


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

A combination of classic individual eyelash extensions and volume fans. The set can be customized to look either more natural or more dramatic based on your desired look. The eyelash extensions have a lasting permanent curl offered in either c curl or d curl. Hybrid eyelash extensions by Rituals lash Sanctuary in Albuquerque are wispy with subtle volume, also known as “angel lashes”


Full Volume Eyelash Extensions

100% volume fan eyelash extensions are applied to every natural lash. A volume fan is created using 2-6 very thin fibers. The eyelash extensions are soft and fluffy, and the appearance is full and dramatic. The set can be customized to look more natural or more closely resembling a strip lash based on your preference. Full Volume eyelash extensions by Rituals Lash Sanctuary in Albuquerque will vary based on the health and strength of your natural lash


Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Our thickest and most dramatic look available. A mega volume eyelash extension set is best for those with strong lashes looking to push the boundaries. A mega volume fan is created using 10-14 very thin fibers which are applied to an individual isolated lash. Our boldest and most popular set, mega volume eyelash extensions are typically our longest lasting set. At Rituals Lash Sanctuary in Albuquerque, we have perfected this technique to offer you an intensely dark sweep of eyelash extensions that are virtually weightless.